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Ammonium-binding mixtures

The problem of excessive amount of ammonium nitrogen in the fermentation mass is an increasingly common problem in Polish biogas plants. This is due to the fact that more and more amounts of by-products and waste from the agro-food industry are being used, and in particular materials of animal origin rich in nitrogen as: chicken spawning, post-flotation settlements or dairy waste. Nitrogen is necessary in the methane fermentation process (ratio C:N), that the conversion of organic compounds into biogas properly takes place. However at higher concentrations (> 3500 mg / l), it starts to act as an inhibitor to the methane fermentation process. Ammonium inhibition results indirectly from the fact that ammonium ions (NH4 +) contribute to an pH increase of the fermentation mass above > 8.00, which is no longer an optimal environment for the life of methane bacteria. In addition, in an alkaline environment and elevated temperature, ammonium ions transform into ammonia (NH3), a compound which is toxic to bacteria that produce biogas.

In response to market demand, we offer an effective MiaMethan® A-min preparation for binding excessive quantities of ammonium nitrogen from the fermentation mass. Our product can be used continuously or periodically.

MiaMethan® A-min

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