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Effective desulphurization of biogas is one of the key processes of biogas purifycation, determining the stability of energy production in biogas installations. This is due to the fact, that hydrogen sulfide, even in small quantities, destroys the elements of technical installations, with which it has contact, such as: unprotected walls of fermentation tanks, gas pipelines or valves. Too high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in biogas (producers of gas engines allow the maximum level of H2S to 150-200 ppm), contributes to shortening the service life of cogeneration module components (e.g. spark plugs) and the need for more frequent replacement of consumables (engine oil, filters). This, in turn, contributes to more frequent shutdowns of the generator unit, causing an increase in operating costs. Disregarding the importance of the desulphurization process, in particular work on strongly sulfated biogas, practically always ends with serious failures of cogeneration units, which costs are often counted in hundreds of thousands of zlotys.

In our offer, you will find products and systems for biogas desulphurization, tested in practice, which have been successfully used for many years in such installations as agricultural biogas plants, industrial and utilization biogas plants, and biogas plants at sewage treatment plants. 

MIAVIT iron hydroxide

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