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MiaMethan® Kombi E


MiaMethan® Kombi E is a mixture of micronutrients and unique enzymes. The product is available in powdered form. Simple and safe handling ensures the use of packaging in fermenting bags.

Earlier analysis of the fermenter's content enables the creation of an individual set of micronutrients and enzymes for the installation. Regular control ensures optimal supply of enzymes and essential microelements.

MiaMethan® Kombi E should be used when cellulose and xylose-rich substrates are used. This type of substrates are slowly decomposed and cause a thickening of the fermentation mass, which translates into problems with mixing and pumping, and the appearance of a scum that hinders the degassing of the fermenter. The ingredients of MiaMethan Kombi E provide enzymes accelerating the decomposition of complex organic compounds, releasing previously inaccessible to microorganisms substrates, and micronutrients necessary for microorganisms and their enzymes during the decomposition of simple organic compounds, resulting in better utilization of substrates, reduction of density and viscosity of the fermentation mass and increased biogas production.

  • combination of unique enzymes and micronutiernts in one product
  • higher decomposition of substrates
  • dilution of fermentation mass
  • reduction of mixing and pumping costs
  • stabilization of the fermentation process
  • improving the efficiency of biogas production
  • better degassing of the fermentation tank

Sales package:

- weight: 5 - 20 kg

- the product is available in fermentation bags



- Iron

- Cobalt

- Molybdenum

- Manganese

- Nickel

- Selenium


- xylanase

- cellulase

Dosing method:

- 0.50 kg / t substrate per day

- directly to the substrate dosing system

Storage conditions:

- store in a cool and dry place

- protect from light

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