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MiaMethan® ProCut

MM ProCut

MiaMethan® ProCut is a biological mixture based on enzymes that break down cellulose and xylose. In biogas plants, this type of mixture is used for faster degradation of fiber-rich substrates, reduction of viscosity and improvement of mixing and pumping properties. Stability of storage is guaranteed by the powdered form of the mixture.

MiaMethan® ProCut should be used when using large amounts of plant substrates in a biogas plant. Some substrates can contain large amounts of complex organic compounds that can increase the viscosity, which can result in mixing problems and the appearance of the scum. The enzymes coprised in MiaMethan® ProCut shorten long fibers of plant components. The shortened fibers provide a lower viscosity of the fermentation mass, and are more easily and quickly absorbed by the bacteria and the enzymes they produce.

  • decrease in the density of the fermentation mass
  • reduction of mixing and pumping costs
  • homogenization of fermentation mass
  • better fermentation of substrates
  • improving the efficiency of biogas production
  • better degassing of the fermentation tank

Sales package:

- weight: 0,5 - 0,75 kg

- the product is available in fermentation bags

Dosing method:

- dosage should be discussed with the adviser

- the daily dose can be administered once a day

Storage conditions:

- store in a cool and dry place

- protect from light

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