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Silage additives

Silage additives are preparations that accelerate the ensilage process by increasing the rate of multiplication of lactic acid bacteria. The accumulated lactic acid acidifies the environment and limits the growth of yeasts and molds, thus protecting the silage against deterioration of quality parameters.
The purpose of using silage additives is to quickly reduce the oxygen content in the material and increase the acidity, which contributes to the faster growth of lactic acid bacteria in order to stabilize and preserve the ensiled material. Silage additives are divided into two groups: stimulants in the form of bacterial inoculants and inhibitors. Inoculants contain inactive bacteria that activate in the wet material. They support the growth of lactic acid bacteria and the production of acids, which causes the pH to drop faster. The inhibitors help slow down undesirable silage degradation induced by yeast and mold growth or reduce the breakdown of vegetable proteins.
The silage additives in our offer contain many additives with various functions.




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