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Micronutrients for biogas plants

Microelements are metal ions that are found in the fermentation mass, and are supplied on a regular basis with the substrates. In order to maintain the efficiency of biogas production and the proper distribution of organic compounds, an appropriate concentration is important first of all: nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), selenium (Se), molybdenum (Mo), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), vanadium (V), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulphur (S).

Metal ions are elements necessary to obtain the catalytic activity of enzymes produced by bacteria, which are responsible for transforming the compounds as a result of which finally biogas is formed. For example, nickel is the main component of the co-enzymes F420 and F430, which are an important carrier of hydrogen in the methane formation process.

In the case of a deficiency of one of the mentioned microelements, methane fermentation is destabilized. The main symptoms are the reduction of efficiency and deterioration of the quality of the produced biogas. There is also a deterioration of the biotechnological parameters of the process, such as an increase in the level of volatile fatty acids or a change in the VFA profile.

The solution in this case will be the use of a suitable preparation containing microelements found in our offer. Depending on the needs, these can be one or multi-component preparations, which will allow you to restore the balance of biochemical processes in a short time.

Such products can be used continuously or temporarily. Often, their use improves, depending on the individual situation, gas production efficiency for a few to several percent from the same charge. It also stabilizes the process causing that the bacteria, due to having optimal conditions for growth, are able to adapt to the variable raw material flow and higher loads with organic matter.

In the case of dedicated preparations, the selection of doses of micronutrients should be preceded by a laboratory test, determining the current concentrations of individual elements. Based on this, both the composition and doses of preparations for specific installations are selected. Regular check-ups help optimize the supply of a dedicated preparation.

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