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Biogas laboratory

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We offer comprehensive research and analysis related to the methane fermentation process. We have our own biotechnology laboratory equipped with high-quality measuring and analytical equipment, that allows us to conduct research in the field of evaluation:

  • suitability of substrates and waste for biogas production,
  • methane potential of substrates (biogas yield),
  • fermentation mass research - parameters of the biotechnological process,
  • biogas composition,
  • post-fermentation studies.

In cooperation with our partners we also provide microbiological research and determination of the level of micro and macro elements.

We have been combining knowledge and practice in the field of biogas production technology for over 11 years, so our test reports always include their analysis and interpretation of results.

Analysis of substrates for biogas production

Biogas content analisys

Methan fermentation process parameters

Micro and macroelements analysis

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