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Composting plants

Services for Composting Plants


Approval of a composting plant by the Veterinary Inspection

    • Preparation of an application for approval of a composting plant processed by animal by-products (eg catering waste) by a District Veterinary Officer.
    • Development and implementation of the HACCP system.
    • Development of a set of procedures in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulations Nos 1069/2009 and 142/2011 regarding composting plants.
    • Developing a pest control program
    • Full support for the client in contacts and arrangements with the Veterinary Inspection related to the plant approval process.

For approved composting plants we offer:

  • Periodic auditing of the HACCP system - evaluating the effectiveness of the entire system by comparing its functioning with the adopted assumptions.
  • Updating of the existing HACCP system and related procedures that should be carried out each time in the case of changes in the technological process.


Conducting the procedure recognition of compost by the Ministry of Agriculture as soil improvers or organic fertilizer.

  • Collection of trial samples made by a representative of the District Chemical-Agricultural Station.
  • Execution of all required research law: physico-chemical, microbiological and parasitological necessary to apply to individual Institutes for an opinion on the usefulness of compost as a supporting agent for the cultivation of plants or organic fertilizer.
  • Obtaining a decision approving the operation of a composting plant by a District Veterinary Officer, if the by-products of animal origin are used in the composting process.
  • Preparation of fertilizer application instructions.
  • Obtaining individual opinions from the Institutes (scope to be agreed with the client) necessary to submit an application for issuing a permit for placing compost on the market by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture for the marketing of compost as a fertilizer or soil improver.

Composting plants

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